History of “Benevolence”

I have been filming the activities of Benevolence Farm for four years, interviewing members of the Benevolence Farm Administrative board as well as formerly incarcerated women who serve on the Advisory Council. I have also filmed board meetings; a number of fund raising events, the first land clearing, a barn raising, and a meeting with representatives from the Alamance county community where Benevolence farm is located. Most importantly, I am filming the experiences of Missy, Keia, and Brooke, the first three residents of Benevolence Farm as they adjust to life on an isolated farm far away from family and former friends. These three women come from very different life experiences and the staff of Benevolence Farm strives to help them adapt to a life on the outside, while, at the same time, struggling to find the resources to keep the farm going. Through intimate verite filming and interviews, Benevolence gives a voice to a North Carolina community whose voices are rarely heard: those of formerly incarcerated women.