The Story

Benevolence follows the journey of five women as they are released from prison and move onto Benevolence Farm in Alamance County, NC. Benevolence Farm is a working farm that serves as a transitional home for women reentering society from state or federal prison. Benevolence tells the story of what happens when you bring individuals who have never met to live and work together. It shows how the women learn from each other’s successes and failures, share their challenges openly and seek support and strength from the group. The film focuses intimately on the women, quietly recording their day-to-day interactions with each other and the staff. We follow these women on their difficult journey to renewed independence, confidence and self-worth as they learn employment and relationship skills and relearn what it means to live life on the outside.

Subject Areas: Criminal Justice and Criminology, Women and Law, Women’s Studies, Sociology, Law, Social Justice, Social Work.